Saturday, December 03, 2005

when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.....yeah when you can find the time... holy cow, life is interesting in its best and worst. its weird how one minute you are so upset with your life you are ready to drink until you die, and then someone calls or sends you an instant message and you forget about how bad it really was? this is how my life goes on an hourly bases. i try to make friends but i guess im not a "friend" type. at first i loved Luther because of all the people i would meet. then i hated it cuz i dont really have any "friends" at Luther but i think im over that now. sometimes i wish i had a friend to whom i could just sit in their room with them and work on homework. even if its for two different classes. just to be around someone else. oh well, we all dont get what we want.
Christmas at Luther was unbelievable. when i got to go, i loved it so congrates to everyone involved with that but last nite, i had to work at Marty's cuz im a slave there, and at about 11:15, a ton of people came in and all wanted shakes or hot drinks.....i did shakes for about 30 mins and then Nancy had to tell them no more shakes and when we told the people who were there that marty's was now closed....they all looked at us weird. i wanted to get to bed...and people are so mean when they dont get what they ordered in like 2 sec. things take time people....anyway, i've written enough for now....hope you all have a wonderful day and remember that chrsitmas is right aroung the cornor