Sunday, September 04, 2005

hey everyone, hows it going? im okay. i could use some more sleep but i have to much stuff to do. umm....about me should be this blog so here it is

my name is Ashley Fischer
i'm currently a student at Luther
i live in Olson
i'm from Wartburg town(waverly)
i'm an only child
i suffer from depression(had help, didn't work and over came it myself)(but it still comes back)
my parents do get along with me
i have a dog at home
i drive a buick LeSabre
i am currently single(but there is a guy that i really like but i think he doesn't like me at all)
i hate thunderstorms
i love to bowl
i work at marty's
my favorite colors at purple and black and red
i like to be different but im really shy
i love computers!!

i cant really think of anything else so if u wanna know more just send me a comment

these are two websites about me if u wanna know more. other wise im on AIM, YAHOO and MSN so yeah!!!


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